Mercenaries of Fortune

A Unified Body... A Family

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Follow the Syllabus from Top to Bottom


 To Become a Recruit

  • Discretion of the Guild. The better you rp and the more you rp with guildmates, coupled with online activity will make this go by faster.


 To Become a Youngling

  • A lesson on loyalty.
  • A lesson on honesty.
  • A lesson on friendship.
  • A lesson involving all the rules.
  • A lesson on the nations of the world.
  • A lesson involving what the guild is about.
  • A lesson on strategy.
  • A lesson involving team work.
  • A lesson on how to behave towards nobility.
  • A test that covers all of the above.
  • Fifteen well-done roleplay sessions not involving a lesson, and involves a youngling or above.


 To Become a Mercenary

  • A further indepth lesson on squad tactics.
  • A further indepth lesson on war and strategy.
  • An indepth lesson of the laws and the ways of the nations.
  • Having learned politeness, respect, negotiation, and diplomacy.
  • Recite all the rules by heart.
  • Become a master of the crossbow.
  • Having learned Shield Block, Dodge or Parry
  • If you have parry, Dual Wield is to be learned
  • Become adept with a melee weapon.
  • Learn how to mount.
  • Having mastered the art of stealth.
  • Learn how to enter the state of ko'di.
  • A test on all of the above. If successful then continue.
  • Having accompanied a Mercenary on at least two missions.
  • Having done ten well-done roleplay sessions that don't involve personal advancement.
  • A single solo mission with a Mercenary keeping watch.


 To Become a Sentinel

  • Having participated in ten missions.
  • Having risked your life for the greater good of the guild.
  • Having taught at least forty lessons in great detail. Emphasis on great. This also means your student must understand the concepts as well as you do.
  • Having contributed to the guild in some large way.
  • Having recruited at least one member who has reached 'Mercenary' rank.
  • Become master of a melee weapon.