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Assistant Implementor -

I started out mudding about eight years ago, exclusively hack&slash. I spent a few years on a couple different muds as a player experiencing a couple different situations. I've held several Imm posts, with duties ranging from a normal low level administration/quest Imm, to Head Builder and Assistant Imp. I started playing on The Sea of Storms in 1999 under the guise of a character named, quite aptly, Luthien. TSoS is my first RP mud and in my time I've played characters including a Child of the Light, a Blacksmith, a rogue, and a freelance swordsman. I spent a long time learning the ropes before becomming an Admin/Event Immortal as well as a builder. After a few months in that role, I took over the lower level Policy issues. Currently I handle nearly every facet of the MUD, from coding, to simple website work, to character and staff applications, and..well everything.

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