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Cairhienin Nobility

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House Riatin is one of the largest and most powerful Noble houses in Cairhien. They are often second only to House Damodred in power and influence. As such, they are the main rival to the ruling house, and are often in conflict with the incumbent power.

As with Damodred, this house maintains a wide variety of positions, from guards, to scribes or servants, etc. As such, most people could find some position they would be suited for with Riatin.

How to Join

The Basic Requirements are as follows

An E-mail sent to immstaff@gmail.com with the following
  1. Your character's name
  2. 300-500 word Biography of your character, well thought out and well written
  3. A character description one paragraph long, consisting of 6 well thought out sentences.
  4. A list of all talents, skills, and current formlevel (And Whether or not you are a channeler)
  5. What Job within Riatin you are applying for (We have an opening for almost any job conceivable within the Wheel of Time theme)