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Riatin: Ranks

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An increase in rank is given upon the discression of the Nobles of Riatin or a commanding officer. These increases are to be based on the ability of your roleplay as a primary, and a secondary as roleplaying your function within your unit and assigned tasks. Those who roleplay regularly and intelligently, allowing room for their place as a soldier, are far more likely to progress in rank than the man who only spars, drinks irresponsibly, and has a loose tongue. Those that are not considered Special Operations, are listed as 'Grunts' which have the lowest promotion rates when outside of war.

GeneralLarge Red Star on Gold Shield
ColonelCrossing Crimson Swords Behind Gold Shield
Lieutenant ColonelCrimson Sword Behind Gold Shield
MajorCrimson Sword
First LieutenantTwo Gold Bars
Second LieutenantGold Bar
Under LieutenantSilver Bar
Field CommanderThree Red Jewels
BannermanTwo Red Jewels
Lance CaptainRed Jewel
First SergeantTwo Large Red Dots
SergeantLarge Red Dot
Squad MasterThree Red Slashes
Head SquadmanTwo Red Slashes
First SquadmanRed Slash

Special Operations

These jobs are in addition to being a grunt. The advantage of these combat positions are that, when outside of war, their uses can be applied to their everyday life, and thusly earn rank this way. Medics can treat the ill, for ranks;Scouts can use their abilities to hunt down criminals; Engineers aid Blacksmiths at their forges; Spys can find themselves aiding in multiple affairs.


Combat Medic
Requires: Healing Talent / Aid Skill / Lvl. 4 Sword
These men are fairly untrained in the art of medicine and anatomy. They know how to work basic stitches, how to stop bleeding, and first aid. Their primary function is to keep a man alive long enough to get attended to by a doctor, secondary function is that of a grunt. Their knowledge of herbs is only of anesthetics.
Requires: Dreaming or Sniffing or Woodsmanship / Dream or Sniff or Tracking / Lvl. 3 Dagger / Longbow 80%
Scouts travel in small groups with other scouts with a Ranger as their lead, and have the primary function of tracking down the enemy, locking their location, finding a tactical way around it, and laying light air support with their bow. This faction is less about combat, and more about discovery of advantageous battle grounds.

Note: Wolfkin without woodsmanship may apply as long as they have Tracking or Dreaming
Combat Smith
Requires: Forging Talent / Scrap / Lvl. 5 Sword / Sneak / Hide
These men travel in Scavenger groups, taking what metal items lie around, and keep the most important pieces to return camp so that the engineer can make better use of it. They are fully combat trained as a sub-requirement, so they function completely as a soldier.


Combat Surgeon
Requires: Healing Talent / Aid Skill / Lvl. 4 Sword
These are those who studied medicine, likely under a wise woman. They are trained to work in high strain situations, such as war, and are capable of resealing wounds, surgeory to remove lodged arrows or broken steel, and have a good knowledge of anti-toxin/antidote based herbs, along with anesthetics.
Requires: Woodsmanship / Tracking / Trailing / Foraging / Lvl. 3 Dagger / Longbow 80%
A ranger's primacy function is to keep stability amongst those of the scouting party, and keeping them quiet as they travel the country side. They are to ensure the success of the groups runs, and to leave no track or proof of their presence, as well as make sure none of the men get too excited and attempt to lead a charge. Stealth is key. Foraging is a requirement as to ensure the life support of the group is not threatened if they are ambushed and supplies are lost. They also lead groups of Combat Smiths and those trained as spys/assassins, on scavenger hunts.

Note: Unlike scouts, wolfkin without woodsmanship can not become Rangers due to the lack of the foraging skill
Requires: Forging Talent / Wforge / Craft / Scrap
These men require no combat training except to work in stressful enviroments and what they learned in basic training. Their tasks are an easy one, to create traps for on coming forces, setting up a perimiter with wooden stakes set to slow down on coming charges, and to dig ditches armed at the bottom with spears.
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