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Rumor: Tear

Pirates Near Tear

Pirates ravage the ships in the Sea of Storms near the Fingers of the Dragon. Ship frames float on the sea off the coast in flames. Others return to Tear looted and barely afloat. The High Lords of Tear name Illianer pirates as the culprits and call for Illian to recompense all Tairen losses and bring these pirates to justice. What news has filtered out from Illian suggests that the Council of Nine and the King still claim that Tear is covering for their aggressive actions in the Plains of Maredo.

The City of Tear Under Blockade

Rumors of war spread from the lands of Tear. The mighty city of Tear that gives it's name to a nation is under blockade by ships with the flag of Illian waving from their masts. All trade into the nation by the Sea of Storms has been halted. All ships that approach the blockade are destroyed in a swift fashion, sometimes not even being boarded to steal supplies. The flaming hulls can be seen from the city at night. With the Plains of Maredo still unpassable and the ocean now cut off from Tear. They turn to the river to keep goods and commerce flowing.

Illian Accuses Tear of Political Murder

The Council of Illian is outraged at Tear for sending assassins to kill Lord Landall. Rumor says that he was poisoned by a Tairen agent during a dinner with a foreign lord. They call for the agent responsible and reparations for the death of a member of the Council of Nine. They warn that until such times as the Tairen's admit to their foul deed that a blockade of the city will be in effect.

Tairen Troops Along the Border of Illian

Hunters and trappers report seeing large group of Tairen lancers near the Illian and Tairen border. These lancers are rumored to number near the thousands. In full armor bearing the marks of the Noble houses of Tear, as well as the High Lords of Tear. Some report that some hunters and trappers have been detained by the force as potential spies. At night the camp fires of this army can be seen for miles, leaving no doubt that they are not trying to hide their presence completely.

Tear Declares War

Peasants from the countryside of Tear and Illian flee to their capitals, as the calls for war come. The army of Tear sent to the border to intimidate the Illians has vanished with nothing but a blood soaked field remaining. With this obvious assault on their men within their borders the Tairen's have declared war on Illian. The ships in the blockaded harbor of Tear arm for war while the citizens volunteer en mass to accompany the soldiers into battle. In Illian the hatred of the lying Tairen's grows to a boiling point and every merchant captain willing is sent to strength the blockade and the armies of the High Lords of Tear are assembled for battle.

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