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Saighan: Ranks

Military ranks are as follows within house Saighan


Lord Captain

Only one, currently Galvin Saighan, inherited position, in charge of entire Saighan Military


Only one, Military head, commands entirety of military, answers directly to Lord Captain


As many as necessary, Stylized First Lieutentant, Second Lieutenant, etc. In charge of a detachment of Saighan soldiers with a specified mission.

Under Lieutenant

As many as necessary, Assigned alongside a Lieutenant as his second. Takes command if Lieutenant is unavailable


Senior Sergeant

Responsible for day to day operations of a platoon of 100 soldiers, will work under a Lieutenant. Distinction of being the most senior enlisted within a detachment.


Same as Senior Sergeant, all other Sergeants serving within a detachment are simply Sergeants


Leads a squad of ten soldiers, will be assigned beneath a Sergeant and will command his soldiers in battle.


A basic soldier who has finished his or her training and been assigned beneath a squadman


Someone who has been accepted into House Saighan and is undergoing armsman training

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