The Shadow.. Indeed.

The Shadow guild is one of secrecy and deception. It is headed by the Forsaken (or perhaps the Dark One?), in particular Ishamael, as the current Nae'blis, heads up the Shadow efforts.

The roles for players in this guild are many, and quite varied. Players can be darkfriends (which includes a Lot), apprentices to a Forsaken (in the ways of channeling), or perhaps even a Dreadlord or a Forsaken. We do not currently have player Trollocs and Fades, as we don't have the playerbase to support such things.

Do you want to join the ranks of the Shadow? There are a few things that you should know.

  • ICly, don't call us, we'll call you. That is to say, we will contact you if we think you are a likely candidate.
  • OOCly, we can be difficult to get ahold of. Any player found spreading word of who their fellow memebers in the guild are will likely have some sanctions taken against them. If you want to join, send the Immortals a tell (or one of the Forsaken if you see one on), and they will pass the word along to the right person.
  • There aren't really any requirements for joining aside from a well thought out background (~500 words), a glance description (~5 lines), and a reason for joining.

Do you want to serve the Great Lord? Join up with us.