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Staff: Jeshin

Lets see I've been mudding for the last... 11 years starting on a Gundam Wing MUD and eventually finding my way onto TSOS and then just never leaving. I've played a variety of characters probably more then most people as I once held the highest death rate of any player. One of the things that so endeared me to tsos was that I could do whatever I wanted, sure I occassionally had to argue with an Imm or get punished for my evil ways but in the end I got to experience and RP characters that weren't only fun for me but helpful for the mud as a whole. An example of a unique character is actually my first one ever, Jeshin *who didnt see that coming* An abused Mute who unfortunately could also channel. In his first week he was set upon by an Aes Sedai and her Warder, got a job at the feast of lights as a barkeep and later was a cello preformer. Finally ending up becoming a dragonsworn. A pretty exciting career for someone who started out with the premesis of an antisocial mute.

I do events and Guild work and normally am good to run events whenever just request them through the site or track me down online.

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