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Well, I started mudding about 8 years ago now, jumping back and forth between a couple hack and slash muds for the most part of my first year or two. After reading the Wheel of Time series I decided to look around for a decent WoT mud. After a little while of searching I found tSoS here. I was a complete newbie to the whole idea of roleplaying and its requirement to progress, being how I was used to hack-n-slashing. But, our complex weapons and weaving systems caught me and wouldn't let me go, so I stuck out and figured everything out.

For several years I was simply a mortal, playing under several guises. In that time I've played quite a few varying roles; darkfriends, male channelers, a False Dragon, your typical soldier, a Hand of the Light, Borderguard, Craftsman, and an Assassin.

Any more I mainly take care of your Guild maintainence and Event needs.

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