AS Nov Guide

Petitioner Induction Outline

1. What is expected if petitioner is not at the White Tower.

RP Contact: The Aes Sedai needs to make RP contact with the girl and role play out explaining what she (the Aes Sedai) is and that the girl is like her. This can take more than one rp to get to know the girl, her situation and gain her trust. It is also better than just rushing in, bundling her up and running away with her and it is more realistic.
Channeling Activation/Testing Ability: Grouping these two together is logical, but if the Aes Sedai wants to break them up, it is their choice. To spark a channeler, create a finger flame and use your sense skill on the channeler. This of course all needs to be done through role play and you can kill two birds with one stone. If the girl has already sparked, you still need to role play this out, since she realistically would probably not be aware of what she is or that she can even touch the source.
RP with MoN: This rp is done mainly at the discretion of the MoN.

2. What is expected if the girl is at the White Tower.

RP Contact: The Aes Sedai needs to make rp contact with the girl preferably in the Entry Hall of the White Tower.
Channeling Activation/Tesing Ability: See Above Explaination, though this will probably also be grouped with the RP Contact in the White Tower.
RP with MoN: This rp is done mainly at the discretion of the MoN.

Aes Sedai Guidelines for Teaching

Below is some information every Aes Sedai should be aware of before they start teaching. Some of these are suggestions, some of these are mandatory. But, all are important. Please read this document from top to bottom before teaching a Novice or Accepted.

WARNING: Girls MUST be guilded before you do ANY Tower lessons, period! Do not teach any weaves or guild lessons until you see their name on the guild list, even if they have a white dress, and have done all the Petitioner requirements. If they are not guilded there is a reason for that.

Every Novice and Accepted is important to the Tower. There are so few as of right now that each one is precious. This meaning, even if you do not like rping with the person on a regular basis, you are Aes Sedai and you will be expected to teach them. We do not want to see you teaching one novice while another is sitting idle doing nothing and begging to be taught. This especially goes for sset characters.\\
Please do not rush through these lessons. Each one is important for the Novice or Accepted to learn, or they would not be on here. Also please, make sure you are Role Playing, not just spitting out what is written here. That is boring and no fun for anyone and it is one of the reasons people hate teaching as much as people hate getting taught. No one likes to be rped with by some one who is simply reading rules off a page.

These rp can be done in so many ways and places. Every role player will have their own style of teaching and their own methods of doing things. Please use common sense however. You would not be giving a lecture at the Warder Training grounds or taking the Novice into Tar Valon to do this. Classroom setting is always perfect for lectures and lessons. And, please remember that it is a class, so realistically an Aes Sedai would not be pulling ONE student aside to teach them. There would be multiple Novices or Accepted in the room, so rp that out through NPC’s or make sure you get more than one novice into the rp.

Novice Lesson Outline

1. Etiquette and Rules Lecture (Must be done First)

Rules: The following Rules must be addressed in your lesson. You can put them in any order you want while Role Playing and you can teach them in any way you want. By prompting and seeing if they respond properly then correcting, or by simply barreling through each rule.
• Novices will always curtsey to an Aes Sedai, regardless of what she is doing or where she is at.
• Novices will curtsey to Accepted when spoken too.
• Novices will not address an Aes Sedai unless she is spoken to first.
• Novices will always address an Aes Sedai by their first name and Sedai. Example: Harla Sedai. If she does not know the Aes Sedai’s name she will address her as Aes Sedai.
• Novices will always show Aes Sedai respect.
• Novices will obey Accepted just as they would an Aes Sedai.
• Novices should never be late for a lesson unless detained by an Aes Sedai.
• Novices can not leave the Tower grounds.
• Novices are expected to live as if they are already bound to the Three Oaths.
• Novices are not to talk after lights out.
• Novices will not be allowed to have a man in their quarters under any circumstances.
• No Novice should ever have a ter’angrael in their possession.
• Novices will never use the One Power to help them with chores.
• Novices will not channel with out the express permission and supervision of an Aes Sedai or if an Accepted is teaching them a lesson.
• Novices will not disturb the Warder Trainees. They are also at the Tower for Training and need to focus on their studies.

2. Hierarchy of the White Tower Lecture (Must be done Second)

Hierarchy: Each piece of the Hierarchy below should be discussed in depth so Novices understand exactly where their place is on the totem pole. You can start from the top and go down or from the Novices themselves and up the food chain. Just make sure you cover every step of this ladder. As an Aes Sedai you might also want to mention that Novices will be taking orders from anything from cooks to the lowest of maids in the Tower if her punishment requires it. They are also to show Warders respect and anyone who they are currently assigned to for punishments or chores.
The Hall of the Tower
• The Hall of the Tower consists of the Amyrlin Seat, The Keeper of the Chronicles and three Sitters from each Ajah.
The Amyrlin Seat
• The Amyrlin will be addressed as Mother.
• The Amyrlin represents all Ajahs but is a part of no Ajah.
• The Amyrlin rules over all Aes Sedai from the Amyrlin Seat in the Hall of the Tower.
• The Amyrlin is elected by the Hall of the Tower for life.
• The Amyrlin is denoted by her stole which represents the seven colors of each Ajah.
• The Amyrlin is rarely seen with out the Keeper of Chronicles.
The Keeper of the Chronicle
• The Keeper is second in authority to the Amyrlin.
• The Keeper is appointed by the Amyrlin upon her ascension to the Amyrlin Seat.
• The Keeper also wears a stole, which is the color of her Ajah. Though she is of no Ajah and speaks only for the Amyrlin who represents all Ajahs and none.
• The Keeper traditionally comes from the same Ajah as the Amyrlin.
• The Keeper acts as a secretary to the Amyrlin and oversees business of the White Tower.
Sitters of the Hall
• Sitters hold a seat in the Hall of the Tower and the voting process that occurs there.
• Sitters are elected by their Ajah to represent the concerns and interests of that Ajah.
Aes Sedai
• Aes Sedai are ranked by different factors. I.E. How powerful they are in the One Power, how long it took them to be raised from Novice to Accepted and then from Accepted to Aes Sedai, etc. However, this is not a subject novices are taught - they are encouraged to ignore differences in ability or time spent in the tower.
• Aes Sedai are also ranked with in their own Ajah, but only those of the respected Ajah know the inner workings and Hierarchy of their own Ajah. Please discuss the seven Ajahs and what each represents.
• Accepted are girls who have passed the Accepted Test and have moved from the rank of Novice up.
• Lowest in the Hierarchy of the Tower and the Novices current rank.

3. The Dangers of the One Power Lecture (Must be done before any Channeling lessons)

Dangers of the OP: This is a fairly easy lesson that can also be easily grouped with the next lesson on the Novice Syllabus. Just make sure you stress the seriousness of this lesson in your RP and scare the willies out of Novices.
• With out guidance a girl might draw too much power and cause harm or death to herself or those around her.
• With out guidance a girl may not manage her flows properly and cause harm or death to either herself or those around her.
• With out guidance a girl might draw on the source too often or draw on the source too much and burn herself out permanently.
• Saidar is extremely addicting.
• Drawing on Saidar too often will sap the life energy out of the wielder and eventually lead to sickness and death.

4. Grasping, Holding, and Releasing the One Power

Grasping, Holding, Releasing: Again this is a fairly easy lesson and every Aes Sedai has a different style that they use when describing how to grasp, hold and release. Please remember that most girls realistically will NOT grasp the source the first time, or even half the time they first start. You might want to mention this to your Novice before you begin to insure that the RP will be realistic and a valid RP. Even if she does grasp it the first time, it does not mean she will the next time and so on. If she RPs she grasps the source every time she tries, you might want to redirect her OOC. Just the same she will not be able to release every time either. Again, a little guidance OOC might me necessary. This can be coupled with the Dangers of the OP, the lecture first, then the practical application second.

5. The Five Powers

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit: This lesson can have a bunch of different ways to teach it. How you choose to is up to the individual Aes Sedai. Just remember that this is a lesson on the five powers, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be channeling to learn about them. These are the things that should be covered.
• In many cases only one element is needed and a combination of multiple elements in others.
• Most people who can channel have a greater strength in one or two of the elements. Rarely is anyone strong in three and even more rare, four.
• Since the Age of Legends no one has been strong in all five powers.
• Levels of comparative strength in the five powers with men vs. women.

6. Weaving the Flows

Weaving: There should be an explanation portion of this lesson as well as a demonstration of weaving. The application is of course up to the specific Aes Sedai. This can be taught in conjunction with the Five Powers lesson and also with the Training Weaves lesson. Meshing all three would take out three lessons in one shot and provide a longer more enjoyable RP for both Aes Sedai and Novice.

7. Training Weaves

Training Weaves: The weaves that should be taught are listed below. Again, many of these lessons can be taught with others to make a longer and easier RP. Also, some Aes Sedai may not know all the Training Weaves, because they do not have power in certain elements. If you do not have all of the weaves, teach the ones you do have and the Novice can pick the rest up from another Aes Sedai.
• Breeze
• Cool Air
• Crack
• Drip
• Heat Ground
• Pool
• Tingle
• Warm Air

8. Linking

Linking: This lesson is best taught with more than one Novice or with more than one Aes Sedai. It gives the Novice/s a chance to practice more than once or twice to learn the skill and to improve on the skill. Linking is best coupled with the Passing Weaves lesson, again killing two lessons in one. It is also best if, during your linking, you continue to pass the link back and forth so the Novice can get in more practice to help up their skills. Things about linking you need to share with the Novices are below, mainly the rules and understanding of what linking is.
• A group that is linked is called a “circle”, even if it is only two people.
• Linking allows Aes Sedai to combine several flows, therefore increasing the over all strength and precision of the flows.
• It is impossible for two or more individuals to separately focus their flows precisely on the same task, hence why linking is useful and needed.
• One person is always the leader of the circle and controls the flows.
• Men cannot initiate a link, a Woman must do so.
• Men can however be a part of a link and even lead a circle.
• Any woman who can channel can learn how to link, but a woman does not have to know how to link to join one. The leader of the circle can bring anyone in who does not know how to link.
• Leading a circle depends on both strength and skill. The greater the strength and skill of the woman, the larger the circle that woman can control.
• The woman who forms the link is not necessarily the leader. The link can be passed voluntarily from person to person.
• Only thirteen female channelers can be linked with out a man. If a man is added thirteen more women may be linked. Per every one man, the link will increase from thirteen, to twenty-six, to thirty-four, to forty-five, then sixty-three, and finally seventy-two.
• The highest possible link is seventy-two (six men and sixty-six women) in terms of numbers.

9. Passing Weaves

Passing: This lesson is best done in conjunction with the Linking lesson. This enables the Aes Sedai to teach it smoothly with Linking and to show the Novices the full extent of Linking and Passing.

10. Tying Weaves

Tying: This lesson is fairly easy and can be done in numerous ways. The best way is to practice. Of course the role play needs to include the instruction of what the Aes Sedai is doing, but be creative and have fun.

11. History Lessons

History of the World: There is only going to be major points listed here. Because, trying to write down the whole History, well that would bore anyone to tears who had to listen to all of that. Not to mention in the current day, only fragments are known. Elaborate of course, but do not sit and copy down every word out of the White Book. Also, these are best taught running together. Since it is the history of the World from the Age of Legends down to current day. It is hard to tell one with out the other. That does not mean you have to RP the entire thing all at the same time in eight hours. But, if you do break it up, maybe mention you will continue with the next chapter in history the following day or lesson. That way it is easier to manage for everyone.
The War of Power/Shadow
• The start was an ill-fated research project that produced the Bore. The researchers names that have survived History were Collam Daan, Mierin Eronaile and Beidomon.
• Using the Power the researchers bore a hole into the Pattern, releasing the Dark One’s evil into the world. This hole has since been known as the Bore.
• Chaos spread for many years before anyone knew what was happening.
• People began to join the ranks of those sympathetic to the Dark One, even Aes Sedai. These Aes Sedai were called “Dreadlords”, the most Powerful of those are now called The Forsaken.
• The names of the Forsaken are Aginor, Asmodean, Balthamel, Be’lal, Demandred, Graendal, Ishamael, Lanfear, Mesaana, Moghedien, Rahvin, Sammael, Semirhage. (The girls will get a more in depth lesson when they are Accepted, there is no need to go into each Forsaken individually.)
• The Friends of the Dark recruited and sowed evil plots into the world, sometimes forcing key positions of power to join them. This time is known as “The Collapse” lasted about one hundred to one hundred and ten years after the drilling of the Bore.
• Those loyal to the Dark One made an attempt to free the Dark One completely and this event was the actual beginning of the War of Shadow.
• During the years after the War began, many horrors were fashioned and formed to try and win the War. Shadowspawn, weapons of evil and other terrors were created and released under the control of the Dark forces.
• The One Power was used as a weapon during this time and why it is also called the War of Power.
• Balefire was discovered by both sides and for a year both sides used it liberally until they discovered reality its self was being unraveled by the weave. With out formal agreement both sides stopped using it.
• At this time the man who sat in the High Seat of the Hall was Lews Therin Telamon, who would become known as the Dragon.
• Lews Therin came up with a plan to reseal the bore and seven cuendillar disks were fashioned with the One Power.
• Others came up with a plan to build two huge sa’angreal with ter’angreal to tap into the massive amounts of the One Power the sa’angreal would produce, then use them to destroy the Shadowsworn and those sympathetic to the Dark One.
• Lews Therin’s plan was deemed to risky by Latra Posae Decume and she made an agreement with every female Aes Sedai not to vote for his plan. This was known as “the Fateful Concord”.
• The sa’angreal and ter’angreal were created in secret, but before they could be used the shadow forces over ran the lands where they were being made. Only the sa’angreal were gotten out in time, the ter’angreal hidden from the Dark One’s forces.
• Despite not being able to get the ter’angreal from the lands that were over run with the Shadow, Latra Posae still opposed Lews Therin’s plan and with out the women’s support, the circle to seal the Bore could not be completed.
• Lews Therin and his supporters of 113 men, known as the Hundred Companions, decided to go ahead with the plan with out women.
• Lews Therin, the Hundred Companions and ten thousand war men launched an attack on the Bore and sealed it back up again, along with the 13 Forsaken.
• The War of Shadow lasted for a little over a hundred years and was finally over.

The Breaking of the World
• Though Lews Therin and his Companions sealed the Bore, the backlash of it tainted the male half of the source.
• Lews Therin and the sixty-eight survivors of the Hundred went insane instantly and with in days the male Aes Sedai left a path of death and destruction in their wake.
• Lews Therin not only wreaked devastation upon the land, he also killed everyone who carried any of his blood and all those he loved. Thus he was dubbed “Kinslayer”.
• In a brief moment of sanity, Lews Therin realized what he had done, and filled with grief and guilt he drew in more of the One Power than he could possibly hold. This created a searing bar of white light from the sky, vaporizing the Dragon where he stood and produced a towering mountain which has ever been known as Dragonmount.
• This started the “Time of Madness” and over time and use of the one power, other male Aes Sedai also went insane. After ten years so many men had been tainted the true Breaking began.
• Shadowsworn still attacked with armies but were easier to defeat having lost their leaders and were now fighting amongst themselves for power.
• During the “Time of Madness” the world saw storms of unimaginable fury, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes that shook the foundations of the earth, mountains were leveled and new mountains raised, seas were dried up and new ones created and all at the hands of the maddened male channelers.
• Many male channelers ended up hiding in steddings to try and save themselves from the Breaking, but in the end they all left and succumbed to the madness.
• The Breaking is said to have lasted anywhere from 239 – 344 years, though the exact number is not certain.
• In the chaos of the Breaking, the surviving Aes Sedai scattered the cuendillar seals to protect them from the maddened Aes Sedai and from the Shadowsworn. When those Aes Sedai died, they took the secret location of the seals with them.
• After the last male Aes Sedai died, the world settled back into a sort of normality. Though the face of the world had changed drastically over the few hundred years of the chaos. Out of the ashes civilizations began to form, though at a very basic nomadic level and new nations were born.

Formation of the White Tower
• Construction of Tar Valon began in 98 AB by Ogier masons.
• It took 104 years of uninterrupted building to completely Tar Valon.
• It was the first major city built after the Breaking of those that survive today.
• In 98 AB Elisane Tishar is shown as the Amyrlin Seat, the first to bear the title. The Hall of the Tower was formed and recorded as a council of seven women to advise the Amyrlin Seat.
• By the end of the second century AB, the seven Ajahs were formed and each had a particular purpose.
• The Hall of the Tower expanded from seven to twenty-one in this time period.
• The White Tower its self was created by Aes Sedai wielding the One Power and Ogier. It is three hundred feet across at the base and five hundred feet above the ground, making it the largest building since the Age of Legends.
• The Tower Library is regarded as one of the greatest libraries in all the world.

The Rise and Fall of the Ten Nations
• It took almost two hundred years after the Breaking for nations to emerge.
• In 209 AB, the Compact of the Ten Nations was formed. This Compact is also known as the Second Compact.
• The nations and rulers are as follows: Aelgar, ruled by King Remedan the Goldentongued; Almoren, ruled by King Coerid Nosar; Aramaelle, ruled by Queen Mabriam en Shareed; Aridhol, ruled by Queen Doreille Torghin; Coremanda, ruled by King Ladoman; Eharon, ruled by King Temanin; Essenia, ruled by First Lord Cristol; Jaramide, ruled by High Queen Egoridin; Manetheren, ruled by Queen Sorelle ay Marena; and Safer, ruled by King Eawynd.
• The Compacted lasted for about eight hundred years.
• About 1000 AB, Trollocs roared out of the Blight in large numbers in a series of wars that would shatter the Compact. These were known as the Trolloc Wars and lasted about 350 years.
• Not just Trollocs fought in these wars, but also Myrddraal, Dreadlords and Darkfriend soldiers.
• During this time most nations were overcome by the fast forces and outnumbered by Shadowspawn and Shadowsworn, their kingdoms were over run. The city that is now current day Tear did not fall, but most others were not so lucky. Each nation relying on their allies to help them.
• Manetheren was destroyed when a concentrated force was sent to destroy the mountain home and no aid was sent to support them.
• Some nations fell from with in like Aridhol. Its capital city was taken by something dark but was not of the Shadow. It is now known as Shadar Logoth (the Place Where the Shadow Waits) and the evil with in is named Mashadar.
• Not even Shadowspawn will enter Shadar Logoth.
• All nations were ravaged by the Trolloc wars, either from battles, from with in or weakened from the strain of war.
• Many Nations were destroyed outright and those that survived struggled to hold their people together.
• Only the White Tower remained whole after the Wars.

The Second Dragon and Artur Hawkwing
• By Free Year 100, entire new nations had formed, they were: Aldeshar, Abayan, Balasun, Basharande, Caembarin, Dal Calain, Darmovan, Dhowlan, Elan Dapor, Elsalam, Esandara, Farashelle, Fergansea, Hamarea, Ileande, Indrahar, Karendor, Khodomar, Masenashar, Moreina, Nerevan, Oburun, Oman, Dahar, Roemalle, Rhamdashar, Shandalle, Shiota, Talmour, and Tova.
• For almost eight hundred years there were no records of any problems beyond political squabbles.
• Artur Paendrag Tanreall was born in FY 912 to the Queen and King of Shandalle and was ta’veren.
• In FY 937, Artur married Lady Amaline Tagora.
• In FY 939, an epidemic of Black Fever took one in ten of the populations lives, including Artur’s parents and he assumed the throne.
• In FY 939 Guaire Amalasan proclaimed himself as the Dragon Reborn in Darmovan. Amalasan rose the Dragon Banner and the ancient symbol of the Aes Sedai, then called all the Children of the Dragon to join his cause.
• Amalasan was not only charismatic, educated, with a vast knowledge of the Prophecies, but he was also a great captain in battle. By FY 943 he has taken over Darmovan, Balasun, Elan Dapor, Kharendor, Dhowlan, Farashelle, Shiota, Nerevan, Esandara, Fergansea, and Moreina.
• In spring of FY 940 King Artur Paendrag was one of the first to send an army to oppose the False Dragon.
• By the spring of FY 943, Artur Paendrag was known as Artur Hawkwing, and he had never lost a battle when going up against Amalasan. It was also this year that Artur Paendrag and his army defeated Amalasan and the Aes Sedai accompanying the King shielded and captured the False Dragon and together they took him straight to Tar Valon.
• Sawyn Maculhene and Elinde Motheneos both brought armies to try and free Amalasan but in the end they were defeated and killed.
• Amalasan was tried over several days at the White Tower and was sentenced to stilling.
• By summer of FY 943 Artur Hawkwing had returned to Shandalle and was now High King.
• In FY 943, Queen Nesaline of Caembarin, King Tefan of Khodomar, and First Counselor Almindhra of Tova sent armies into Shandalle, underestimating Hawkwing.
• As a result the period FY 943-963 is called the Wars of Consolidation or the Consolidation.
• By FY 963, Artur Hawkwing ruled over every mile from the Spine of the World to the Aryth Ocean, save for territories ruled Tar Valon.
• In FY 974 Hawkwing dismissed all Aes Sedai advisors from his realm.
• In FY 975 Hawkwing put a price on the head of any Aes Sedai who did not renounce Tar Valon and by the end of the year he laid siege to Tar Valon.
• In FY 986 Trollocs invaded Hawkwing’s territories along the Blight and were crushed by the High King.
• In FY 992 Hawkwing sent his sun Luthair Paendrag Mondwin into the Aryth Ocean with three hundred thousand soldiers and two thousand ships with the destination of Shara.
• In FY 994 Hawkwing contracted a sudden illness and at the age of eighty-two the High King was dead.

The War of the Hundred Years to Current Day
• Artur Hawkwing’s death sent the lands under his rule into War, because there were no heirs to inherit the empire and no one with a valid claim to the throne.
• Souran Maravaile, a General under Hawkwing’s army, continued the siege on Tar Valon, until Deane Aryman (the current Amrylin Seat), convinced him to lift the siege.
• Andor was one of the first nations formed from Hawkwing’s empire.
• After a century of war, the fighting came to a halt about FY 1117 after many nations were built and re-built due to destruction.
• The Children of the Light were founded in FY 1021 by Lothair Mantelar to preach against Darkfriends.
• Recorded dates during the Hundred Year War, are fragmented and vary depending on who wrote them. Though FY 994 to FY 1117 are widely accepted dates, though they are still under question from different historians.
• The date of the end of the war is said to be anywhere from FY 1115 to FY 1119.
• Because of the confusion, the Farede Calendar was adopted after the war, making FY 1135 into Year 1 of the New Era.
• Twenty-four nations rose during and just after the war, including the fourteen currently surviving. Those nations were Almoth, Altara, Amadicia, Andor, Arad Doman, Arafel, Cairhien, Caralain, Ghealdan, Goaban, Hardan, Illian, Irenvelle, Kandor, Kintara, Mar Haddon, Maredo, Malkier, Mosara, Murandy, Saldaea, Shienar, Tear, and Tarabon.
• Malkier was over run by Trollocs in 955 NE and by 957 NE the Blight had completely swallowed the Kingdom of the Seven Towers.
• By 800 NE all but the surviving nations had vanished into memory.
• Peace reigned after the War for almost a thousand years.
• In 509 NE, the Aiel gave the nation of Cairhien permission to cross the Aiel Waste and gave Cairhien a sapling called Avendoraldera to seal the grant.
• The Children of the Light gained control over Amadicia, and in 957, the Children started what is known to them as “the Troubles”, but to the rest of the world it is known as the Whitecloak War.
• In the end the Children were forced into a treaty to reaffirm the prewar borders between Amadicia and Altara.

12. The Wheel of Time, The Pattern, the Age Lace, and the One Power

• All of these lessons should be taught together in one RP. The main reason being that they are all connected. The Wheel weaves out the pattern and the pattern is influenced by the Age Lace and it is all powered by the One Power. To teach these separately would be very difficult and confusing. If it is absolutely impossible for you to do all together, then do the small snippet of the Wheel, Pattern and Age Lace together, and extend the next RP to the One Power.
The Wheel of Time
• The Wheel is a great cosmic loom in the shape of a seven-spoked wheel which weaves the fabric of the universe.
• The Wheel was put in place by the Creator and is time itself, ever turning and returning.
• The Wheel weaves the Great Pattern which is the whole of existence.
• Each spoke of the Wheel represents one of Seven Ages.
• The Wheel spins until past returns to the future, the fabric of each age only changing its weaves and pattern.
• No one knows the length of time it takes for a full turning of the Wheel.
• The Wheel is the very heart of all time and requires energy from the True Source to maintain itself and the Pattern.

The Pattern
• The Pattern is made up of the threads of lives and events interlaced into a design, which is spun out by the Great Wheel.
• The Great Pattern is reality of past, present and future.
• Every Age has a unique Pattern.
• Special souls are woven into the Pattern called Ta’veren, who are key threads that cause the fabric of the Pattern to bend around them, changing the weave.
• Major changes caused by Ta’veren are called ta’maral’ailen or “Web of Destiny.”
• Ta’veren and the Web of Destiny are bound to the Wheel and the Great Pattern and are woven out whenever the weave begins to drift away from the Pattern.
• Ta’veren are part of the Wheel’s correcting mechanism, the more change needed the more Ta’veren are spun out into the world.
• The Dark One was imprisoned inside the Pattern by the Creator at the moment of creation.
• No one inside and of the Pattern can destroy the Wheel or changed the destiny of the Great Pattern.

The Lace of Ages
• The Ages all link together and are all woven out differently with each passage of the Wheel turning.
• With in the influence of the Lace of Ages are not only the stone of the physical world, but other worlds and universes, other dimensions and other possibilities.
• It is what might be, what might have been, what is, the world of dreams as well as the waking world.

The One Power and the True Source
• The True Source is made up of complementary parts: Saidin, the male half and saidar, the female half.
• Saidin and Saidar have different properties which work against one another and with each other at the same time.
• Men and women can not sense the source in each other, though some one of the same gender can sense their half in each other.
• No woman can teach a man and no man can teach a woman.
• Saidin has been Tainted by the Dark One since Lews Therin sealed the Bore.
• The True Source is all around us and the general population can not sense it.
• Only two or three percent of the population can sense the True Source and be taught how to touch and draw upon the One Power.
• The act of drawing and controlling the One Power from the True Source is known as channeling.
• There are Five different threads to the One Power; Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit.
• The act of cutting a channeler off from the True Source is called Stilling or Gentling for men. If the person does this to themselves it is called “burning out.”
• Those who have been Stilled or Gentled usually do not survive long with out the True Source.

13. The Test for Accepted

• Each Novice needs to be prepared for their test and needs to have a lecture on what is expected in the Accepted Test.
• The Novice spends the night before the test in contemplation and preparation.
•The Novice must enter the test unclothed.
•The Novice must enter the three rings of the great ter’angreal and face her three greatest fears. She must not falter and she must be steadfast.
• After the test no one will ask the Novice what she faced and the Novice does not have to tell more than she wishes too.
• In the first arch the Novice will face what was, the second she will face what is, and the third she will face what will be.
• Once inside the ter’angreal, the Novice is given one chance to return through the lighted arch.
• The dangers inside of the ter’angreal are real, though no one knows if what happens is real. If one is injured inside the ter’angreal, they will come back with those injuries when they leave it.
• The ter’angreal weaves traps and lies to get the Novices to stay. They must want to be an Aes Sedai more than anything else in their life to survive the trial.
• Once the Novice has gone through all three arches, she must kneel before the Amrylin to be washed completely clean.
• The Amrylin will place the Serpent Ring on the third finger of the new Accepted’s left hand.

14. Accepted Test

• This Test is best done with more than one Aes Sedai and an Event Immortal present. Mainly because we do not have a current MoN. As many Aes Sedai as wants to be a part of the ceremony can be and makes it more special for the Novice being raised.