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-Lecture on Etiquette and Rules for Accepted\\
-Lecture on Goals of the White Tower\\
-Class on the Ajahs and their purpose\\
-CLass on the Dark One, ShadowSpawn, and the Blight\\
-Class on the Forsaken, Dreadlords, and the other Darkfriends\\
-3 Classes on the Old Tongue\\
-Class on Prophecy\\
-2 General RP's with Aes Sedai\\
-2 General Rp's with Warders/Trainees\\
-Lesson on Powersense\\
-Lesson on Experimentation\\
-Learn all Weaves that are not Considered combat weaves that are within ability and not forbidden to Accepted\\
-Teach 5 Lessons/Lectures/Classes (These Can be to other Accepted if you have a already had the class though they must be logged and submitted).\\
-Select Ajah and Mentor fromt hat ajah and complete 2 more RP's based on entering the Ajah. (Accepted may change thier choice at any time prior to being raised but must recomplete this whole process for each new choice no carry over)\\
-Select an Approved Area of Study pertaining to choice of AJha and submit a report on it.\\
-Petition and recieve approval from Ajah\\
-Must be Channeling Level 2 to be raised.\\
-Aes Sedai Test RP\\
-Oath Ceremony\\