There are different requirements for joining different parts of the white tower:

Joining the Warder School/Tower Guard

The following is a list of Tower requirements. If you feel you meet the following criteria feel free to seek out sponsors as required. If you have any questions regarding the post, please ask someone. We are accepting Tower Guard (both officer and soldier), Gaidin recruits and others who wish to RP within the Tower. It is possible to come and train with us but if you are just looking for forms you will be disappointed.

  • Must have read the first three books
  • Must have at least 25 hours of online time
  • Must have a description (see HELP DESCRIPTION)
  • Must have a plausible background - This may not be the same ole

"Whitecloaks/Shadowspawn/Inmates/Water Buffalo killed my mom/dad/ grandpa/family cow and I am looking for sweet revenge!" sort of drivel. Please keep realism in the front of your mind as you come up with your history and description. If you plan on being a noble talk to one of the high immorts and get it cleared first. We would prefer not to have someone claiming to be the Prince of Illian or something akin to that if they are not. Show us that you belong in the Tower and we will welcome you into our ranks with open arms.

  • Must have 3 sponsors - 1 Aes Sedai, 1 Warder, 1 Tower Member

Lastly, you must seek the guild in character. Do not ask for RP via chat or through tells as it will not help your cause.

Joining the White Tower as a Novice

To gain entry as a novice into the white tower requires a well thought out and realistic background and a description that is a still picture of your character. Remember that a description should not contain actions or force the reader into a certain way of thinking. In addition, please refrain from including anything that is subjective (e.g. "Beautiful most attractive woman you have ever seen," "Looks like they know how to handle a sword," etc.) and instead make a picture of how you look and brief references to what you are wearing. What we look for in a background is something similar to those submited to the website for any Sedai. While the length is not as important as the quality think of it as a job interview. We are under no obligation to guild you; it is up to you to prove your worth to us.

Who to Contact

Currently, you should talk to Jeshin, since he's the head honcho, though you should run it past a current Warder/Sedai first (depending on what area of the guild you wish to join).