Novice Syl

Below is the Syllabus for Novice Training.
Note: Currently the Mistress of Novices is Myena.

Petitioner Requirements (All RP's at this level must be logged and submitted)
-Channeling must be active
-RP based on Testing Ability
-One General RP of any type
-RP with the Mistress of Novices based on becoming a Novice.

Novice Lessons (RP's done by Aes Sedai do not need to be logged, all others do at this level.)
-Lecture on Etiquette and Rules for Novices (must be done first)
-Lecture on the Hierarchy of the Tower (must be done second)
-Lecture on the Dangers of the One Power (must be done before any channeling classes)
-Lesson on Grasping, Holding, and Releasing the One Power.
-Lesson on the Five Powers
-Lesson on Weaving the Flows
-Learn all Training Weaves (Breeze, Cool Air, Crack, Drip, Heat Ground, Pool, Tingle, Warm Air)
-Lesson on Linking and Passing Weaves
-Lesson on Tying Weaves
-2 RP's based on Chores/Punishment
-2 General RP's with an Accepted or Aes Sedai
-History Lessons done in order: The War of the Shadow/Power, The Breaking of the World, Formation of the White Tower, The Rise and Fall of the Ten Nations, The Second Dragon and Artur Hawkwing, The War of teh Hundred Years to Current Era.
-Lesson on the One Power, the Wheel of Time, The Pattern, and the Age Lace.
-Lecture on what must be done for the Accepted Test.
-Must reach Channeling Level 1 and 10 strength in spirit
-Must have all training weaves at 80.
-Accepted Test RP.